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Arka Softwares is a trusted sports betting software development company that offers you an extensive range of feature-rich sports betting solutions including white-label and custom betting software.

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Sports Betting Software Development Solutions We Offer

It is our passion to create the best sports betting software solutions that meet our client’s requirements so they can cope with the
ever-evolving challenges of the sports betting industry.

White Label Sportsbook Software

Launching an innovative off-the-shelf sports betting software has multiple business benefits. Being an experienced white-label sportsbook software provider, we can help you to develop a ready-to-launch online betting platform, including sportsbook Software Integration and more.

Sports Betting Mobile App Development

Our sports betting software development services include responsive sports betting app development that works seamlessly throughout its use. We develop custom sports betting apps with real-time updates, interactive user interfaces, data analytics, and security.

Betting Exchange Software

Maximize your sports betting business revenue with a finely built sports betting exchange software. We strive to develop best-in-class sports betting exchange software addressing all needs of a business. With us, you will have benefits like a performance boost, easy handling, high user engagement, and others.

Custom Sports Betting Software

Customization is one of the perks that you can have with us. Our experienced sports betting software developers have an in-depth understanding of the industry, and they possess the skills to turn requirements into custom sports betting software with the best features and functionalities.

Experience Our Sports Betting Software Demo

Explore the potential of our developed sports betting software with a complimentary demo. Discover the features that can elevate your software reach and profitability.

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Sports Betting Software - How It Looks?

Here are some glimpses of sports betting software. We can also help you with on-demand customization.

Sports Betting Software Development Features to Take the Lead

Ordinary SportsBook software provider can only promise ordinary results. But if you want to stay out of the competition Highest on the hierarchy, Super Admin possesses control over everything on the online betting platform.

Bet on Live Matches

users can easily bet on live matches at the start or during the game and enjoy in-play betting.


users can view players' or teams' individual rankings in a tournament or competition.

Match odds

A punter can predict and place their bet on the team they think will win a particular match.

Betting Sport Manager

Admin can manage bets through the betting sport manager, including placing bets, cancelling bets, and settling bets.


it is one of the backbone features of any sports betting app that helps bookies set the odds and manage bets.

Detailed Scorecard

Users can view a detailed scorecard of a match, including the latest scores, lineups, and statistics.

Live Commentary

the users can listen to live Commentary of the match while it is going on at their convenience.

Live Streaming/TV

Sport betting app users can watch live matches while betting, while enjoying betting at the same time.

Betting API Integration

betting APIs like Indian Fancy, Diamond & Sky Exchange enhance the experience of sports betting.

Live Casino

it allows users to play live casino games and win big amounts based on their betting skills.


You can view your betting history and track your profits and losses. This includes a history of all transactions and bets.

Match Wise Reports

it showcases match-wise reports where users can observe their betting performances.

Our Clients Happiness Lies in the Journey

Discover how Arka Software's team delivers personalised development experiences and creates unforgettable
journey to ensure maximum satisfaction for all of our clients.

Powerful Panels for Your Sports Betting Platform

Whoever offers the best and the feature-rich panels in their sports betting platform, has the maximum chance of winning the market.

Super Admin

Highest on the hierarchy, Super Admin possesses control everything on the betting software admin panel. From managing to finances to managing other admins as well.

Create and manage white label solution

Game management

Payment management

Bet settlement

Upline & Downline management

Profile & Loss by match

Profile & Loss by downline

Bet delays management

Credit limit management

User management


Admin has relatively lower rights and control than Super Admin but does more fieldwork. An admin has controls that allow her to supervise activities and operations on the software panel.

Admin users management

Downline management

Send betting tips

Bet settelment

Profit & Loss account statement

Live TV

Odds from the major bookies

Send notifications to punters

Master (Bookie Panel)

Bookies or Bookmakers have their special accounts on the sports book software as well this unlocks their access to some exclusive features that are mentioned below.

Bookmakers account

Punter management

Downline/Upline management

Bet settelment

Profit & Loss account statement

Bonus management

Withdraw payments

Send notifications to punters

Calendars, days and schedules

Punter Panel

The user base of any mobile app is dominated by Punters. Therefore, there are a plethora of creative features available for the Punters to keep the app engaging and exciting for them.

User account

Market analysis

Virtual / Real money payments

Live scores

Betting tips

Bet slip management

Calendars, days and schedules

Profit & Loss account statement

Easy navigation

Place bet

View fancy market

View odds market

View book marker

My profit & loss

Sports betting and lottery market size worldwide is $242 Billion and still is progressing fast. It is the right time to grab the opportunity via launching an app like Bet365.

Let's take your idea further

Unlock the Business Potential with Custom Betting Software

Whether it is off-the-shelf sports betting software development like Lotus365 or developing apps like Fanduel, you can rely on us. We are known to deliver custom betting solutions with excellence and innovation. With us, you can have sports betting Platform like:

develop software like LOTUS 365


develop software like Skyexchange


develop software like Diamondbet








Betting on Types

When the market is already flooded with competition, offering more is always a good option. These betting
types are sure to keep the bettors hooked in unlimited entertainment.


Single is a quite popular type of betting that helps the beginners to play place bet without taking big risks. This type is ideal for those new users of the app and offers great fun.

Head to Head

Head to Head betting is for those who want to place a bet on the verdict of the game. This is a quite convenient way of placing the bet and takes the fascination of the match until the end of the game.


Totals is not a type of sports betting type because it involves countable games of casinos where a bettor places bet on a particular number and winning and losing depends on the outcome.


Handicaps bring conventional sports betting on the mobile interface. Now those who love to bet on conventional sports can place their wager on betting mobile apps with their community.

Each Way

Each Way is a quite popular type of betting among punters and bookmakers. As the name suggests Each Way allows punters to place two bets, one is a win bet and second is a place bet.


Multiples is a quite fascinating type of bet. It allows punters to place multiple wagers in a single bet. Comparatively, Multiples comes with high risk. Either it helps win big or lose big.


When a punter is given two selections in a sports game and to win this bet both these selections should come as an absolute win, it is called Double bet.


Treble is the one step ahead of Double as it offers three selections to place a bet on but here is the similarity. It requires all three selections to come in favor to win the bet and make a profit.

Famous Sports Supported on our Betting Platform

We have been developing sports betting software solutions since the start of our company, and we play with variety. Our cricket betting software developers have the upper hand in creating cost-effective sports betting apps that create the best user experience. You can consider Arka Softwares as a place where variety meets veracity.

Cricket Betting

Cricket is one of the biggest games on the planet, so leverage cricket betting software development for business.

Basketball Betting

Give a fresh perspective on Basketball sports betting with a unique NBA betting software development that thrills its users.

Football Betting

Take the excitement level of worldwide football fans with a football betting software development similar to FanDuel sportsbook.

Baseball Betting

Hire a dedicated team of sports betting software developers for the next sensation in the baseball sports betting app market.

Ice Hockey Betting

Ice Hockey has a separate fanbase, and they go crazier during NHL, so take their excitement to the peak with an Ice Hockey betting app.

Rugby Betting

Rugby betting gets max during events like Super Rugby or Rugby World Cup, so leverage the trend with Rugby betting software development.

Soccer Betting

Create the best experience of soccer betting apps with the help of certified sports betting app developers and designers.

Tennis Betting

Whether you want to develop a new tennis betting app or software, you can rely on us for it, as we can provide you with the right solution.

Horseracing Betting

Horseracing is an evergreen betting game, and we can help you to redefine its experience with our horseracing betting software development expertise.

Racing Betting

Get tailor-made racing betting software for business and connect with its fans. We can help you to launch a new racing betting platform.

Golf Betting

If you are interested in developing golf betting software for business, then we can assist you in staying ahead of the curve with fine solutions.

Virtual Betting Game

Virtual betting games offer a unique experience of sports betting. Leverage our expertise for virtual betting game development.

Future of Sports Betting Software : Why Invest Now?

Wondering why you should invest in online sports betting software development?

The online sports betting market is thriving and soaring with an overwhelming number of new users and increasing involvement of punters and bookmakers. The market is projected to reach over $64 billion by 2027, rapidly progressing. So, it is the right time to invest in sports betting and fantasy app development. We can partner with you as a Sports Betting Software Solutions provider in your success.

Low Investment
Low Investment
 Higher ROI
Higher ROI
 Endless marketing opportunities
Endless marketing opportunities
High User Penetration
High User Penetration
Multiple Games 
Multiple Games
Loyal user base
Loyal user base

Hire Certified Sports Betting Software Developers

The sports betting industry is evolving fast, and there is a major contribution from trendy betting solutions. Leveraging sports betting game development is one of the best ideas to start earning. So, here you need experts who could assist you in transforming your idea into a performant sports betting app.

At Arka Softwares, we have a team of passionate sports betting software developers who do their job with full dedication leveraging their mobile app development expertise. Our skilled app programmers work closely with our clients to develop seamless & feature-rich sports betting solutions based on their needs. We ensure the ultimate experience of sports betting and fantasy app development.

Discover the Power of Betting Software with Arka Softwares

Take sports betting fun to the next level with amazing sports betting software. As a leading sports app development service provider, we develop & design sports betting apps with powerful features that hook users into an ultimate betting experience. Our experienced betting app developers incorporate the latest technologies, frameworks, and sport betting APIs to turn a sports betting app’s idea into a cutting–edge solution that maximizes the thrill among users. With us you will have:

  • Secure NDA
  • Source Code Authority
  • No Hidden Cost
  • Anti-Fraud System
  • Live Sports Data
  • Great Teamwork
  • Flexible Hiring
  • On-time Delivery
  • Quick Team Modification
  • Tech Support
  • QA Tested Solutions
  • Live Streaming

Trusted by over 650+ Companies Worldwide

Access, punctuality, and affordability are at the core of our development processes. However, true success lies in fostering strong relationships through clear communication to enable an experience that feels truly magical!

Questions on Online Sports Betting Software

The cost to develop a sports betting app is difficult to predict initially as multiple influential factors decide the cost. These factors are the app’s size, complexity, team size of sports betting app developers, tech stack, and others. But yes, if you need an approximate cost, then it ranges between $25000-$40,000. If you need an advanced app, then the cost may be high. 

Some steps can help you to find the right sports betting software development service provider. The steps are as follows:

  • Search on the internet using keywords and make a shortlist.
  • Go through the websites of the sports betting software development companies
  • Examine their portfolios, work, and experiences.
  • Discuss your app idea
  • Interview developers
  • Choose hiring model
  • Make your own team and start developing the app.

The time to develop a custom sports betting app varies on requirements; if you want to develop an MVP for a sports betting app, then it may take 2-3 months. However, if you want to develop a fully-fledged app, then it may take 6 or more months.

Sure, we can provide you with an experienced team of sports betting app developers in United Arab Emirates who can assist you in developing online sports betting platform in Dubai, UAE.

Yes, you can integrate third-party APIs with your sports betting app. These APIs help in fetching live data, live streaming, live commentary, and more. It also supports scalability. We can get you covered with our sports betting software development services, from app development to integrating third-party APIs.

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