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Ready to leverage Fantasy Basketball Tournaments? Let's bring millions of NBA fans on your Fantasy Basketball Mobile App to form fantasy teams, participate in contests, watch live games, and experience an immersive thrill as they vie for victory!

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"We will provide the entire stats and fastest sports data of NBA fantasy so you never missing out on the latest scores."

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Basketball is one of the most popular & followed sports in the world, and Fantasy Basketball is an even more engaging and thrilling version of the game. With more than 60 million NBA fans in the US alone, Fantasy Basketball App Development can be a highly profitable venture.

Fantasy Basketball App is a popular virtual game platform among basketball fans. It allows basketball fans to create their own fantasy teams of real-life NBA players, compete against other players, and check the live score to see if they have triumphed. It's fun, competitive, and, best of all – you don't need to know anything about Basketball to get started!

These fantasy tournaments have the power to engage millions of people across the globe, turning them into loyal customers for your business. It is one of the most popular and lucrative app-based game categories in the US & the rest of the mobile gaming world.

Arka software is one of the USA's leading Fantasy Basketball App Development companies. We are passionate about sports and appreciate the mind of a devoted fan entirely. Therefore, we specialize in creating custom mobile app designs to help you launch your fantasy basketball tournament application. We have a team of highly skilled mobile app developers who can help you build a feature-rich, secure, and easy-to-use live mobile application for fantasy tournaments that captures the attention of NBA fans instantly.

Features that Promote Our Fantasy Basketball Mobile Apps to the Forefront

Our Fantasy Basketball Mobile Apps have various features designed to engage and entertain basketball fans irrespective of the league. Some of the features include:

Live Scoreboard for tracking live games

We provide a real-time scoreboard for users that shows live scores and updates from basketball games in the tournament.

Fantasy Basketball Team Assembly

Our App enables users to assemble and manage their teams comprising of real basketball players and participate in league tournaments.

Player Profiles

Our App provides detailed player profiles to help users choose their ideal team of players and make informed decisions.

Leaderboard & Live Chat

We also provide leaderboards and live chat capabilities so users can engage with each other, track their performance, participate in conversations, and stay in the loop.

Multilingual support

Our App supports multiple languages, allowing users to access the App in their preferred language.

Secure Payment System

Our App also has an integrated secure payment system that allows users to make payments quickly and securely.

Don't miss your chance to reap the rewards of basketball season!

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One App for All Fantasy Sports Formats

Enjoy all the different formats of fantasy sports games right within one power-packed mobile app.

Season-long Fantasy Games

  • Be a team manager for the entire NBA season
  • Official public and private tournaments
  • Live updates of favorite teams and players
  • Real-money and play-for-fun formats
  • Captivating fantasy experience

Daily Fantasy Games

  • Draft your team for each basketball match
  • Track live match updates
  • Transfer or auction your players
  • Track your ranking in public tournaments
  • Live commentary from experts

Fantasy Prediction Games

  • Sports knowledge-based prediction games
  • Public prize pool contests
  • Public and user-created contests
  • In-game currency for rewards
  • Redeem and use coins to participate in fantasy games

Why Choose Arka Softwares For Fantasy Basketball App Development?

At Arka software, our experienced mobile app developers and UI/UX designers will work closely with you to develop an engaging, secure, bug-free Fantasy Basketball App for your business. We use the latest technologies and tools to build an app that exceeds your expectations and fits your budget. In addition, we provide post-launch support for App maintenance and upgrades to ensure that your App remains up-to-date with the latest features and technologies.

  • Extraordinary Features
    Extraordinary Features
  • Upcoming Match Updates
    Upcoming Match Updates
  • Real-time Expert Solutions
    Real-time Expert Solutions
  • Latest Tech Solutions
    Latest Tech Solutions
  • Best Quality Assurance
    Best Quality Assurance
  • Secure Payment System
    Secure Payment System

Fantasy App Development Process That We Follow

We believe the development process reflects our expertise, passion, and determination to develop the most outstanding fantasy mobile apps for you.
web development agencies

Analyse the requirements

Identify, refine and arrange your web development requirements to select the most suitable platform.

Research & Strategy

Our experienced web developers study your business needs, target audience, and market trends to implement an effective strategy.

Wireframe, Prototype & Planning

Wireframe, Prototype & Planning

We create a prototype or wireframe of your project to give you an idea of how the final product will look and work.

Web Development

Sprint-wise development

Using the latest technologies, our developers build a high-performance, scalable, and responsive web application as per your requirements.

Quality Assurance or Testing

Quality Assurance or Testing

We conduct rigorous web application testing to identify and fix all bugs before the launch.



We deploy the web application on your server and make it live for users.

Not only Basketball, We also Develop & Support Multiple Fantasy Sports

We believe in the true spirit of sports and have developed Apps for Fantasy Football, Cricket, Tennis, and more! Our Fantasy Sports Mobile Apps offer an all-around experience for passionate sports lovers & business owners.



Ice Hockey






Want to add more custom features?

No worries, we can add as many features as you want to make your Fantasy Basketball App stand out in the market.

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Fantasy Basketball Mobile App Features

  • Swift Registration
  • Drafting
  • Create Leagues
  • Live Score Updates
  • Create Your Teams
  • Player Statistics
  • Join Existing Leagues
  • Referral & Rewards
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Live Chat
  • Enhanced Analytics
  • e-Wallet Integration
  • Instant Login
  • User Management
  • League Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Match Management
  • Content Management System

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered some frequently asked questions for you. If you don’t find your question, then please feel free to contact our experts, they’d love to help you. It’s free!

To build a successful Fantasy Basketball App, you need to find an experienced mobile app development agency with expertise in developing fantasy sports apps. Arka Software is one of the leading Fantasy Sports Mobile App Development companies that offer end-to-end solutions for all your development needs.

The cost of developing a Fantasy Basketball App depends on the features, complexity, and platform you choose for your app. Arka Software offers custom development solutions for every budget and requirement.

Arka Software uses the latest technologies and tools, such as Swift, Ionic, React Native, Node.js, MongoDB & AWS, to build Fantasy Basketball Apps per the client's requirement.

Fantasy Basketball Apps offer features such as Swift Registration, Search & Filter, Drafting, Create Leagues, Live Score Updates, Detailed Home Screen, Create Fantasy Teams, Player Statistics, Join Existing Leagues, and Referral & Rewards.

To choose the right Fantasy App Development company, you must consider factors such as experience, expertise, portfolio of work, customer reviews & feedback, delivery timeframes, and development cost. Arka Software is a reliable choice for all your development needs.

We understand the importance of post-development customer service and provide technical support, such as bug fixing, app updates, system maintenance, etc., to ensure your Fantasy Basketball App remains up-to-date with the latest features and technologies.

The timeline for developing a Fantasy Basketball App depends on the complexity and size of the project. At Arka Software, we provide efficient and reliable development solutions within tight timelines.

Yes, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure the safety and privacy of your data.

Sure! You can request a free demo version from Arka Software to get an idea of our capabilities and offerings before making the final decision.

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