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In gambling, players place bets based on their knowledge and experience with games like Poker and Casino. It has an old history, but traditional gambling is now transformed with technology. If you own a gambling business, then it is time to use modern methods that boost the gambling experience and make it funnier. We have the right expertise and resources that you can leverage for your business. Arka Softwares is known as one of the leading gambling and sports betting app development companies that serves startups and large-scale businesses. We can ensure you a fine gambling solution for your business.

Innovative Gambling Software Solutions for Business

There are a variety of solutions that you can use for your business. Based on all your needs, we can provide you with a cutting-edge gambling solution that is performed in real time.

White-Label Gambling Platform

While developing the white-label gambling platform, we followed high standards to craft it perfectly as per expectations.

Sports Gambling Software

With our sports gambling software, you can offer a variety of sports to your users & create a thrilling experience of sports gambling.

Online Casino Platform

Our secure online casino platform solutions facilitate the users to enjoy the casino game from any internet-enabled device.

Gambling Software Script

The gambling software script is the best way to launch your gambling software quickly to the market. If you need, we can customize it.

Cryptocurrency Gambling Platform

Developing a cryptocurrency gambling platform is a trendy idea for business. Hire our experienced software developers for it.

Lottery Software Solutions

The lottery is a familiar idea, but we can help you revolutionize it by developing an online lottery software solution.

Shape your business idea into an online gambling app and let your users experience the ultimate gambling fun.

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Why Arka Softwares As Gambling Software Provider?

We know how to create magic via stunning software design and robust coding. You can rely on us to provide maximum gambling entertainment to your users.

Multiple features
Multiple features
Modern UI/UX
Modern UI/UX
Seamless Performance
Seamless Performance
Anti-Fraud Mechanism
Anti-Fraud Mechanism
100% Quality Assurance
100% Quality Assurance
Scalable Solutions
Scalable Solutions

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Without requirement analysis, it is hard to predict what would be the development cost of gambling apps or software. The average cost to develop gambling software ranges between $15,000- $25000. If you need an advanced solution, the cost may exceed more than $30,000.

Yes, we can provide you with a fully customized gambling software script that aligns with all your business requirements.

Yes, lottery software is a good idea for businesses as it is fun to wait for the turn to win a good amount using only a mobile app. However, one point you need to keep in mind is that the lottery industry is highly regulated, and it is still banned in some parts of the world.

Developing an online casino platform takes a lot of effort and time. Also, multiple factors influence the development time, such as complexity, size of the app, and others. For developing a basic online casino platform, it takes 2 to 3 months, and if it’s of high complexity, then it may take 6 months or more.

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