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Developing feature-rich season long fantasy football mobile app brands that could compete with big leagues like Fantasy Premier League and ESPN Fantasy Sports.

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"Get detailed end-to-end player information – ranking, points, health, statistics, and performance projections in our custom season long fantasy football mobile app."

Develop Season Long Fantasy App like the EPL Fantasy

Arka Softwares is a fantasy sports mobile app development company that is a group of sports enthusiasts. As a result, what a fantasy sports app user wants from the app. We believe sports, especially football (sports), are a celebration of the highest physical and mental capacity of human beings. Every moment is precious and every movement is crucial. The energy of players on the field can be felt in the fans jumping on their seats too.

We strive for infusing the same thrill of the game in our fantasy football mobile app. With features like multiple types of drafting, joining public and private leagues, creating leagues, and many more, we want to offer your users the best fantasy sports experience out there. Live score, live commentary, and live chat with league members are going to take the experience to a whole new level.

Our fantasy football mobile app developers are simply magicians. Their intelligent app development process offers our clients AI-powered management and marketing tools, sponsor management, advertisement tools, and many more features to ensure exponential growth. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s build your own fantasy football mobile app, shall we?

Advanced Features for Your Season Long Fantasy sport App

We love to play with features that offer massive dopamine rush to your fantasy football players for more immersion and interaction.

Multiple Drafting Types

In a season long fantasy football mobile app, user can select their own preferred type of drafting style. For example, straight drafting, snake drafting, auto drafting, and anything of your own type.

Detailed Player Information

Detailed player information is a crucial feature for fantasy football app users. It shows users player stats like rankings, points, performance analysis, and player projection from game experts.

Real-time Score & Commentary

You must have this feature in your season long fantasy football app. It allows users to see real-time match scores and commentary by the experts. It simply doubles the fun and increases the immersion.

Chat with League-mates

For some extra interactivity and immersion, you can add a chat with the league-mates feature so that the league-mates can talk about the game, drafting strategies, and player trade, transfer, and bidding.

Trade, Transfer, and Bid Players

It is an extremely exciting feature for the fantasy football app. After drafting fantasy teams, it allows users to trade, transfer, and auction & bid players for some last-minute team changes before the match.

In-App Currency

In-app currency makes the fantasy football matches extra rewarding. These extra points are also helpful in player transfer, auction & bidding, and earning extra points for their team performance during the match.

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Why Arka for Season Long Fantasy Football Mobile App Development?

With more than a decade-long experience in successful mobile app development, unmatched innovation, modern AI-powered tech, and maximum ROI, no other company makes sense.
  • Extraordinary Features
    Extraordinary Features
  • Modern UI/UX
    Modern UI/UX
  • Agile Development Methodology
    Agile Development Methodology
  • Expert & Innovative Team
    Expert & Innovative Team
  • 100% Quality Assurance
    100% Quality Assurance
  • Limitless Scalability Opportunities
    Limitless Scalability Opportunities

Fantasy App Development Process That We Follow

We believe the development process reflects our expertise, passion, and determination to develop the most outstanding fantasy mobile apps for you.
web development agencies

Analyse the requirements

Identify, refine and arrange your web development requirements to select the most suitable platform.

Research & Strategy

Our experienced web developers study your business needs, target audience, and market trends to implement an effective strategy.

Wireframe, Prototype & Planning

Wireframe, Prototype & Planning

We create a prototype or wireframe of your project to give you an idea of how the final product will look and work.

Web Development

Sprint-wise development

Using the latest technologies, our developers build a high-performance, scalable, and responsive web application as per your requirements.

Quality Assurance or Testing

Quality Assurance or Testing

We conduct rigorous web application testing to identify and fix all bugs before the launch.



We deploy the web application on your server and make it live for users.

"In our fantasy football mobile apps, users can draft their fantasy teams in straight, auto, and snake drafting styles."

One Fantasy Sports App to Rule Them All!

If you want a fantasy sports app like ESPN Fantasy Sports that can host fantasy sports games for all sports, then Arka Softwares is the #1 choice in the entire world.



Ice Hockey






Develop a fantasy app now and compete against giants like ESPN and Fantasy Premier League.

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Essential Features of Season long Fantasy Football Mobile App

Let’s teleport the thrill on the football field to the fans’ smartphones with these essential features of your next season long fantasy football mobile app.
  • Social Media Sign-Up/In
  • Detailed Player Information
  • Follow Players throughout the Season
  • Live Score & Commentary
  • Detailed Scoreboard
  • Multiple Drafting Options
  • Create/Join Public & Private Leagues
  • Push Notifications
  • Player cards
  • User wallet
  • User Management
  • Role-based Dashboards
  • Finance Management
  • Content Management
  • Customer Relationship
  • Marketing Modules & Tools
  • Social Media Integration
  • AI-powered Business Insights
  • Field View
  • Roster/Player management
  • Add Social Media Friends
  • Trade, Transfer, and Bid Players
  • In-App Currency
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Video Match Highlights
  • Match Projection by Experts
  • Live Public Polls
  • Sports Quiz
  • Paid global league
  • Boosters

From Concept to Creation: A Glimpse into Our Work

See how our team of talented developers brings your fantasy app ideas to life. Experience the magic of our creative app development work.

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lies in the Journey

Discover how Arka Software's team delivers personalised development experiences and creates unforgettable journey to ensure maximum satisfaction for all of our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered some frequently asked questions for you. If you don’t find your question, then please feel free to contact our experts, they’d love to help you. It’s free!

If you are reading this answer, then you have already taken the first step. You are at the right place. All you have to do now is contact our experts and describe your idea. We will take care of the rest.

Yes! To ensure maximum privacy, security, and confidentiality of our client's data and intellectual property, we sign NDA with the project contract.

It may take somewhere around 4-5 months to develop a custom season long fantasy football mobile app.

Developing a custom season long fantasy football mobile app, may cost you between USD 35,000 to USD 60,000. The cost is heavily affected by the technologies used, number and types of features, 3rd party APIs and modules used, number of platforms (Android, iOS, Web, Wearables) for which the app is being developed, etc.

Some of the top must-have features of season long fantasy football mobile apps are:

  • Detailed Player Information
  • Create/Join Public and Private Leagues
  • Multiple Fantasy Team Drafting Styles
  • Live Score and Commentary
  • Push Notifications
  • In-App Currency
  • In-App Chat with League-mates
  • Trade, Transfer, Auction & Bid Players
  • Social Media Integration

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