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01 / 06

Project Overview

The moment the Viraasi project arrived at our doorsteps, we knew we’re going to make something magical this time. Viraasi is a website that offers a huge range of spellbinding jewelry and delivers them all over the world. With this website, we didn’t create just another web portal, but an environment, an atmosphere that constitutes in an unforgettable experience.
02 / 06

Goals & Objectives

To create the online magic we anticipated, we set some really high goals or objectives for ourselves. Evidently, we achieved them all.
  • Showroom-like Experience

    We made sure that Viraasi doesn’t look like a bland website. Therefore, we gave it a showroom-like experience so that users can see exactly what they’re buying.

  • User-Friendly Website

    Despite being such a beautiful website, Viraasi should be on the top level when it comes to user-friendliness. This takes the whole experience up a notch.

  • A Visual Masterpiece

    Since Viraasi is unique in its own way, it should also be a visually stunning website so that visitors can understand how much effort Viraasi put into their works.

  • Interactive

    While being such a visual treat, we made sure Viraasi is a highly interactive website where the visitors should be in control to boost user engagement.

03 / 06

Challenges & Solutions

Challenges were inevitable in this visionary project but our creative team of experts solved them to make this vision a reality.


A Unique Persona

Viraasi, being such a visionary project, must have a unique persona to stand out.

A Huge Collection

Since Viraasi has a huge collection of jewelry, navigation could get confusing.

A Robust Back-End

Management of such a huge inventory and delivery operations requires a powerful backend.


A Unique Persona

Every aspect of the website is designed from scratch to achieve our desired results.


A Huge Collection

We constructed our own custom categories and smart sorting options for seamless navigation.


A Robust Back-End

We designed a custom backend especially for Viraasi to meet its all current and future needs.

04 / 06


Every menu, every flow, every section of the website is carefully considered to make an unforgettable experience for the customers of Viraasi.
05 / 06

Visual Design

Viraasi website is a visual masterpiece for anyone who is an admirer of art. It is all made possible by the collective efforts of our team.
06 / 06

Tech Stack

To make sure everything runs smoothly under the pretty face of the website, we chose the best of the best technologies and tools that will evolve with Viraasi over time.

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